It is difficult to imagine a world without books and other kinds of reading material. If it had not been for Johann Gutenberg's invention of the movable letters for printing, we would not be able to enjoy such a wide array of reading material today. It has been said that reading is exercise for the mind. This is because reading provides more input and stimulates the mind. Reading also improves a person's command of a language.

Today, there are millions of books and other reading material dealing with different subjects on the market, which are read for information, knowledge and recreation. Perhaps, the cheapest sources for information is the newspaper, which is read by almost everyone to keep up the latest developments in the world. Aside from this, there are various magazines and books on such topics as health care, economics, politics and hobbies, which are not only informative and useful if a person wants to broaden his mind, but may provide entertainment as well. One can read just to keep up with news, for self-improvement or just for relaxation.

Reading is good for one's creativity. This is because the reader has to imagine the scenes that are described in a story, unlike a person watching a film, where there is a little left to the imagination. Studies have suggested that people who read a lot are more creative than those who often watch movies or television. As such, one of the benefits of reading is that it encourages a person to use his imagination.

Moreover, reading also helps to enrich and improve a person' language. There are certain words which are seldom used in spoken language but which occur more often in writing. A person who reads comes across many such words and thus increases his vocabulary. When speaking, we often do not use complete or properly constructed sentences. In writing, only grammatical, well-constructed sentences should be used. Reading, therefore, introduces a person to a wider vocabulary and correct grammar.

Reading is the best way to acquire knowledge and information, besides being a form of entertainment. Reading also helps unleash our creative powers. Last but not least, there is no better way of gaining a better command of a language than through reading.

Nota: Latihan menulis. Karangan dalam buku karangan. Esok periksa. Lulus Alhamdulillah ;). Kantoi pun Alhamdulillah ;D. Allah sediakan yang terbaik. Mana tahu berguru dengan orang putih 40 minggu anugerah terindah buat Muhammad dan Abdullah yang Allah sembunyikan melalui ibu dan perjalanan ini sesungguhnya semakin menarik ;). Just put our trust every single thing only on Allah! ;)


Ummi Iman said...

Membaca jambatan ilmu ;) kalau akak hancur buat karangan dlm BI ;)

CeqGu said...

perghhh cikgu bleh karang dalam bahasa jerman....nak belajar? hik hik hik....semoga um dapatkeputusan cemerlang.....aaminn

Ummu Muhammad said...

UI: ni tiru buku karangan..lame tk jengah buku edisi bi nih..ape nk jadilah hari ni hehe

anis: perghhhh jermen..ahkak sume bahase tk bolh nk gi..naseb baik org melayu, pndailah bhs melayu kehkeh

NoEn said...

Dah lama xbuat karangan dalam BI...setakat technical report boleh la...kiki

Marlina Mohtar said...

hihi....akak dulu exam SPM dpat 5C BI huhu. Tahniah UM, selamat maju jaya

* jom join GA kami :


FADLUL & FIFAH said...

tlibat ngn pgrm native speaker tu ek?

Ummu Muhammad said...

noen: i lagi tak tau nk diklasifikasikan sbg ape heheh

kak ina: kite mase exam sekolah mcm tulah tapi mase spm result cantik sketlah..doa pemerikse ngantok mase tande hahaha (Allah tolong mudahkan jalan nk jdi pendidik kot hikmahnye) in shaa Allah nnti kite join! mesti support TM!

fifah: aptis british council tu..KL da start ke? dengarnye ni first cohort..mule die kate yg kantoi kene attend course lepas tu kate sume pun terlibat..test semalam utk tentukan level english teacher tu..tahun depan dipanggil lagi cekgu2 english lain utk cohort seterusnye..lame tuh course die 40 minggu..redholah sbb adelah yg terbaik Allah nk bagi tu ;)

FADLUL & FIFAH said...

a'a...kl pun ada gk..tu lah..kna attend class mcm nk wat master pulak..mcm2..

Ummu Muhammad said...

ha tau tkpe..kate indian sebelah tu..lebih baik cmpak kite g uk 2 bulan hehehe

p/s: tahun ni tk aja english pun.tk berbakat hehe suke je tk aja rosak ank2ku nanti :D